Our MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose)

We Protect Our Oceans

Through the use of blockchain technology we ensure data collected from users on the ground and satellites in space is readily available and constantly updated during the process of monitoring the MV Wakashio Mauritius Oil Spill relief efforts.

We are a non-profit organisation and welcome donations, which assist us greaty to protect our oceans.

On 25th of July 2020 MV Wakashio ran aground a coral reef just next to an island nation of Mauritius.

What ensued was oil leakage leading to a spill which threatens both the rich, marine biodiversity and the local economy.

Ocean ExO, with partner organizations and volunteers on the ground, is working hard to document the state of the island, its ecosystems and citizens. We are currently testing our own apps to securely crowdsource and map visual evidence from the population.

Download the Ocean ExO mobile app and join the anonymous movement providing real-time digital evidence and documentation of the ocean, all secured by blockchain technology.

At this time, we acquire new data by allowing any global citizen to collect and preserve digital evidence of the state of the ocean with our mobile applications backed by blockchain technology.

When on a large screen, view our interactive map displaying the data and evidence collected:

Ocean ExO is an initiative with the massive transformative purpose (MTP) We Protect Our Oceans, using exponential technologies.

OceanExO is led by Nishan Degnarain and built by Fluid Chains as a project of non-profit Fastrack Institute.

Our “Thank you!”

Time is not on our side, but a lot of people and organizations are!

There are too many to list, but for now, we’d like to specially acknowledge the volunteers helping with the clean-up efforts and data gathering, as well as: Planet Labs Inc., Ursa Space Systems, ICEYE, and Allen Coral Atlas for helping with satellite imagery and scientific information as well as Forbes, for supporting the coverage of the situation and efforts.

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